Local November 21, 2011 | 11:30 am

Two cops injured in Upper Manhattan disco brawl

NEW YORK.- One policeman with one tooth less and another with bumps to the head was the result of a melee when group of Dominicans of both sexes, of dozens involved in a bar brawl in Upper Manhattan’s Vintage disco at 10th Av. and 211 street, attacked the agents with bottles, stones and other objects.

The disco management called police around 4:30am Sunday when the customers resorted to fists, hurled bottles, tables and chairs inside the business, the authorities said.

The disco’s bouncers couldn’t control the dozens of dancers-turned mob, in the business whose ads tout it as New York’s most popular night club.

An unofficial report points to a jealous man who didn’t want his date to dance with no one else as what set off the brawl.

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