Local November 23, 2011 | 9:03 am

Boston Police suspect foul play in Rosana Camilo’s death

NEW YORK.- Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino and Police commissioner Edward Davis on Tuesday pledged to expedite the investigation into the death of Rosana Mirielle Camilo, daughter of the prominent Dominican TV figure Rubén Camilo, whose body was found Monday afternoon by her 16 year old daughter, and which the authorities suspect is foul play.

Sources close to the investigation cited by elnuevodiario.com.do said the Dominican woman was strangled, but as of Tuesday night the authorities hadn’t provided any official information.

A press conference convened for Tuesday afternoon by commissioner Davis was inexplicably cancelled reportedly on a lead in the investigation, but that detail wasn’t confirmed either.

Rosana Camilo had worked in the Protocol Department of the National Palace for several years, where her upbeat but conservative attitude earned the respect and friendship of her colleagues.

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