Local November 30, 2011 | 2:37 pm

Dominican business leaders rally behind the UK Ambassador

Santo Domingo.- The Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic on Wednesday stated its support for British ambassador Steven Fisher, whose recent statements on alleged extortion by officials forced at least two UK companies to leave the country.

“May this missive serve to express our solidarity regarding recent statements on cases of inadequate behavior by government officials who affect foreign investment in our country,” the statement said, noting that regardless diplomatic protocol, “his alert definitely contributes toward creating heightened awareness of the evil of corruption which punishes the entire world today.”

“His attitude contributes so that all of us – public sector, private sector, Dominican and foreign – take measures to eradicate it.”

The statement signed by Roundtable executives said most Dominicans in fact aspire to reduce corruption, for which Fisher’s comments express that feeling, as opinion surveys by reputable pollsters confirm. “It’s also fair to admit that the Dominican Government makes efforts to fight corruption, having passed laws and regulations that tend to restrain that evil.”

It hailed the Ambassador’s and Great Britain’s efforts to contribute to the country’s development, affirming having “not one iota of doubt that with your views, your intention is that we Dominicans build a better society.”

“Nowadays relations between Great Britain and the Dominican Republic are among the most fruitful, balanced and important. The companies of the United Kingdom are the fifth most important investor in our country. The bonds between both states have been growing substantially in the last 25 years and it’s advisable to protect them, so they continue strengthening to benefit all Dominicans,” the Roundtable said.

It adds that as an entity, it seeks to bolster relations between Dominican Republic and the 54 Commonwealth countries, as evidenced by the local British Chamber of Commerce’s active membership in the Roundtable.

The missive is signed by its president Fernando González Nicolas, and its secretary Fernando Rainieri; British Chamber of Commerce president Marcos Peña; Canadian-Dominican Chamber of Commerce president Eduardo Domínguez Imbert; India Chamber of Commerce president Eulogio Santaella; Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Commerce president Federico Reyes, and Friends of South Africa Society president Norman de Castro.

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