Local November 30, 2011 | 11:37 am

Nine alleged drug traffickers escape from prison bus

Santo Domingo.- Nine inmates jailed on drug trafficking charges escaped Tuesday from a bus taking them from the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse to the jail at Najayo, San Cristobal (south).

Local media report that the inmates Luis Felipe Montero (Leónidas Hernandez), Juan Carlos Hernandez (El Cabo), Antonio Ureña (Dandy), Juan Carlos Marte Florencio, Israel Pinales, Natanael Moreta, Nivar Emilio Moquete, Juan Carlos Montero, Juan Vizcaino and Luis Felipe Martinez and charged with striking the bus guard to perpertrate their escape.

The inmates were being transported together with 12 others in the prison bus and allegedly escaped “taking advantage” of the vehicle’s “unlocked rear door,” the authorities said Wednesday.

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