Local December 1, 2011 | 10:29 am

Anticorruption group rails the Government on dismal rank

SANTO DOMINGO. – The entities which fight government corruption grouped in ADOCCO on Thursday stated their concern with Dominican Republic’s falling rank in Transparency International’s yearly corruption perception index, and which joins the dismal club formed by Bolivia (2.8), Ecuador (2.7), Guatemala, both (2.7), Dominican Republic (2.6) and Honduras, both (2.6), surpassed only by Nicaragua (2.5), Paraguay (2.2) and Venezuela (1.9).

The organization that measures what citizens in each country perceive as corruption worldwide bases its poll on a scale from 0 (very corrupt) to 10 (very transparent). As to the countries of the American continent, Chile ranks 22nd with (7.2) of the 183 countries analyzed; Uruguay ranked 25th with (7.9) and Puerto Rico 39th with 5.6, of 172 nations ranked.

ADOCCO, quoted by news source diariolibre.com, said the position proves that the government has no political will to deal with corruption.

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