Local December 6, 2011 | 10:26 am

NGOs, law enforcement get Puerto Rican kingpin’s D$130M in seized assets

Santo Domingo. – The National Drugs (Council CND) and the National Anti-laundering Committee on Monday disbursed around 130 million pesos to 16 nongovernment agencies (ONG) that treat drug addict, of the properties seized from Puerto Rican kingpin Jose Figueroa August, through his paramour Sobeida Felix.

Money Laundering Law 72-02 also assigns part of those funds to the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD), the CND and the National Police.

The money delivered to the institutions result from the interests from financial certificates, mature financial certificates plus interests and from the auction of personal and real estate property.

The NGOs Hogares Crea Dominicana got 4.2 million; Hogares Crea International, 3.7 million; Mesón de Dios, 3.5 million; Fundación Fénix and Casa Abierta, 2.8 million; Reto a la Juventud, 2.6 million, Ascayd 2.2 million pesos, among others.

The DNCD and the CND received 43.4 million, while the National Police got 17.3 million pesos.

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