Local December 7, 2011 | 9:37 am

Local man kills wife, baby, wife’s lover, himself in NJ

NEW YORK.- A Dominican identified as Adepso Collado killed his estranged wife, a baby, his wife’s lover and injured two others, before taking his life, after he reportedly found her kissing her boyfriend in their Bayonne, New Jersey house, in presence of several visitors.

The pair was going through a divorce for several months during which she fell in love with Jose Guzman, 31.

Collado, 28, shot and killed his wife Kenya, 26, the 14-month old Jose Mateo, and Guzman, inside the house in which they lived together with their family.

Two more people, including the nanny, were seriously injured, while two other minors who were visiting managed to escape the gunfire unharmed, which according to police were as as many as 20 rounds.

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