Local December 8, 2011 | 11:32 am

Descendants of Haitians stage protest to demand birth certificates

Santo Domingo.- Descendants of Haitian who’ve been denied birth certificates by the Central Electoral Board are gathered in front of the entity to denounce an alleged policy of denationalization applied by the Dominican Government.

The rally called by members of the Jacques Viau Dominican-Haitian Gathering Network, the Juan Montalvo Center and the Dominican-Haitian Women’s Movement, founded the the recently deceased Sonia Pierre.

Spokespersons for the groups affirm that the protest aims to get recognition for thousands of people of Haitian ancestry born in the country, but in their view are in a legal limb since 2007, year in which the JCE began cancelling the certificates of children of Haitians and of Haitians residing illegally in Dominican territory.

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