Local December 8, 2011 | 11:20 am

Ecological groups aim to wreak havoc on Japan’s whale killers, EFE reports.

SIDNEY.- The ecological group Sea Shepherd prepares one of its most intense harassment campaigns to wreak havoc on Japanese whalers’ hunting season in the Antarctic waters, EFE reports.

Ships of the organization "Bob Barker," "Steve Irwin" and "Brigitte Bardot" will set sail from Australia next week, on mission to prevent the Japanese fleet from killing 900 whales for alleged "scientific aims."

The group’s ultimate goal is to force Japan to suspend its annual whale hunting season and repeat their success in February, with boardings, the launch of stink bombs and activists chaining themselves to the whalers’ hulls.

Various international ecological organizations, including from Dominican Republic, denounce that the money to fund whalers comes from funds for reconstruction after the earthquake and tsunami which affected Japan.

One of Dominican Republic’s most important tourism attractions is the annual whale watching season, when humpbacks arrive in and around Samana bay by the dozens to breed and calve.

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