Local December 8, 2011 | 10:17 am

Enriquillo Lake’s growth swamps inner islands

Duverge, Dominican Republic.- Families in towns of southwestern Independencia province feel the effects of Enriquillo lake as it encroaches under their feet, where they sit and even in their beds, news source listin.com.do reports.

The lake’s relentless advance towards their houses has already covered more than 500 meters of shoreline with pasture and cropland at the edge the town, whose residents can’t even bury relatives in the local cemetery, where some tombs are now underwater. The same scene is repeated in yards of homes where the salty water kills flowers and vegetables.

The lake has also flooded seven square kilometers of Cabritos island and totally covered nearby Islita and Barbarita keys, said Enriquillo Lake National Park administrator Benito Hernandez Naut.

He said the rising lake has also submerged 25 of the fresh and sulfurous water springs known as “cachones” and frequented by tourists, but noted that the zone hasn’t lost its attractiveness.

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