Local December 9, 2011 | 1:33 pm

Police arrest four alleged hit men targeted cockfighting figure

Santo Domingo.- The Police arrested four alleged killers who worked for a Puerto Rican drug trafficking gangster, who hired them to murder three Dominicans, including Winston Rizik Rodriguez, known as El Gallero.

The Police said alleged the hit men Tony Perez, alias Tony Muntana, Jose Aristides Garcia, Bartolo Brito Sanchez and Hugo Manuel Camilo Hidalgo were arrested in the corner of Venezuela Las Americas avenue. It said they are also charged with two other murders in Santiago, for which they were paid two million pesos.

Among the items seized from the detainees were National Drugs Control Agency uniforms three rifles, several pistols, and several vehicles.

Rizik was targeted for execution by the contracted killers on December 7 in a cockfighting arena in the subdivision of in Herrera, but aborted it when several police patrols arrived in the area.

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