Local December 9, 2011 | 2:28 pm

Protest demanding reopening of sugar mill snarls traffic to Sosúa

Montellano, Dominican Republic. – Groups of protesters snarled traffic on the highway that links the resort town of Sosúa with this municipality for several hours, demanding to reopen the Montellano sugar mill, which was closed by the government seven years agm.

Tourism, commerce and transport were halted when the groups blocked the road, forced the cancelation of several tourists excursions from Sosúa and Cabarete hotels.

José Gilberto Cornielle, head of the group which demands the mill’s reopening, said the demonstrators refused to let the tours reach the mountains and other attractions in the area, until police agents and Air Force airmen arrived to prevent mishaps amid the tense moments. “They didn’t pay attention to the (police) requirements and continued demanding the reopening of their sugar mill,” he said quoted by news source hoy.com.do.

“We’ve gotten tired waiting for the Government to reopen our company, and what we have instead is many people going hungry because they can’t find work,” said

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