Local December 10, 2011 | 2:27 pm

Dominican police arrest one of Puerto Rico’s most wanted fugitives (Update)

The National Police Antinarcotics Division arrested alleged drug baron and murderer, Puerto Rican national Miguel Rivera Diaz (Bolo), said to be the successor of kingpin Jose Figueroa Agosto in his country, on international and local arrest warrants.

Police spokesman Máximo Báez said Rivera was immediately escorted to Puerto Rico to face the charges against him. His arrest occurred in a street of the Herrera sector, Santo Domingo West, when he came out of his “hiding place” to visit a barber shop in the area.

A United States Customs and Border Protection airplane which took off from San Isidro Airbase -with federal agents including Immigration and Cuastoms Service (ICE) on bard- transferred the alleged narcotics trafficker to Puerto Rico, .

FILE.– Police agents arrested Friday one of Puerto Rico’s most wanted criminals, Miguel Diaz Rivera, who had been living in the Dominican Republic under a false identity.

Diaz, 39, who is expected to be extradited soon, faces charges including murder and drug possession and is being held on a US$1.2 million bond. He is accused of running a drug trafficking network in at least five Puerto Rican cities.

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