Local December 12, 2011 | 7:43 am

“No one” knew alleged drug lord lived among Dominicans for 10 years

Santo Domingo.- The Puerto Rican alleged drug trafficker arrested in the country Friday, Miguel Rivera Diaz (Bolo), had been living in Dominican Republic around 10 years, where he made his transactions without “no one” realizing it, just as his compatriot and crime par Jose Figueroa Agosto, who also called this nation home during the same period.

During that time, Rivera obtained a false Dominican cedula (ID) # 001-1865855-8 with the name Jose Gregorio Matos, document with which he also obtained a driver license.

According to authorities, “Bolo” had moved at least 2,500 kilos of cocaine in the last few months, with profits of nearly 40 million dollars. The Police said it coordinates with the judicial authorities to locate and seize his assets, estimated at around RD$500 million.

Rivera Díaz logró sacar del país en los últimos cinco meses 2,500 kilos de cocaína

Considered Figueroa’s successor, Rivera was detained in the Herrera sector, Santo Domingo West on Friday and handed over to Puerto Rico authorities Sunday at San Isidro Airbase, from where he was placed under heavy security aboard a airplane of the United States Customs and Border Protection Service.

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