Local December 13, 2011 | 8:11 am

Puerto Rican fugitive faded into alleys of Dominican slum (Update)

Santo Domingo. – Residents in the Santo Domingo West barrio of Holguín are still astonished and would’ve never thought that its alleyways and modest houses could hide their neighbor Miguel Rivera Diaz “Bolo,” a fugitive of Puerto Rican deported to his country to face charges of narcotics trafficking and five murders.

His neighbors are mostly mum after hearing news of the arrest Friday, when Drugs Control (DNCD) and Police agents conducted a spectacular raid prior to nabbing Rivera as he walked toward a barber shop to get a haircut. They say they didn’t even know in which house the alleged powerful narcotics trafficker lived.

Some say he was a young man who always kept a low profile, and hardly spoke with anybody, and the only time they saw him was in the barber shop.

Nonetheless most of his now former neighbors “scurry away” when asked about the alleged drug baron, wanted in Puerto Rico on charges of shipping around 2,500 kilos of cocaine to the United States.

Cattle farms seized

The DNCD revealed that at least three cattle farms allegedly owned by Rivera have been seized in the east region, in addition to possible bank accounts under his name.

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