Local December 13, 2011 | 8:38 am

The country brews its first “near beer”

Santo Domingo. – The global crisis has flattened the beer market’s growth rate here and abroad, said Dominican National Brewery (CND) president Franklin Leon, who revealed a climb of barely 4% locally this year while exports fell 3%.

Speaking to announce the launch of the Brewery’s new nonalcoholic beer Brisa, (Breeze), Leon said its first ever produced in the country, which aims to satisfy a demand for such a beverage, which he affirms will be preferred by 18% of the population.

The business leader said the difficult economic situation has been felt the most in Florida, the biggest market for Dominican beer.

“It has been felt in Florida more than in the north, where the sales are higher that those of that state in the United States.”

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