Local January 2, 2012 | 7:10 am

Antinarcotics’ first 2012 bust: 75K of cocaine at Cap Cana marina

SANTO DOMINGO. – The antinarcotics (DNCD) agency seized around 75 kilos of cocaine in the marina at the resort Cap Cana, Higüey (east) where it arrested three men, a one of them a Puerto Rican and another deported from the United States, informed east Monday the agency.

It said the drug in 74 packages was in four bags aboard the boat “Millennium,” registry PR-6557-GG also confiscated, while the three men were identified as the deportee Esteban Santiago Sanchez (Emilio); Radhamés Peralta Dippiton, and the Puerto Rican Edward Onell Delgado.

DNCD president Rolando Rosado said the boat was moored between the marina’s C-19 and C-20 docks.

He said at least two more Puerto Ricans and several Dominicans are being sought in connection to the case, but didn’t provide further detail citing an ongoing investigation by the DNCD as well as the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), “to determine if it’s a network that uses the country as a bridge to take narcotics to the neighboring island.”

The antinarcotics chief added that Delgado received the drug in front of a supermarket on Lope de Vega Av. from the deportee, who took it to Cap Cana in a SUV.

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