Local January 2, 2012 | 5:18 am

Religious leader demands a halt to crime wave

Santo Domingo. – The National Evangelical Concentration yesterday demanded that the Dominican authorities take drastic measures against the latest crime wave affecting the country, where if affirms the lack of security poses a threat to the “productivity machinery.”

In a massive gathering, Evangelical Christian leader and pastor Ezequiel Molina said Justice is very benign with criminals. “Criminality has overflowed, violence has overflowed and it’s because there’s a benign Justice, there are authorities who don’t confront it or haven’t faced the situation as they should.

The evangelical leader said Justice’s weakness can result from its fear of criminals, for which human life has been devaluated to its minimum expression, especially the innocents and decent people, “because that of the criminals is very expensive and the human rights commissions fight to protect them, supported by an exaggeratedly benign Justice.”

Molina said if manhole covers, railroad tracks, an airplane, aqueduct components and even bridge trusses are stolen in the country, what more could be expected?

Amid prayers and gospel, the preacher said he expects the new Dominican president from the next elections takes drastic measures and puts it urgently in agenda.

He said since most officials have arisen from an ill society, therefore many of them are also ill. “When someone destroys another person’s life they are in debt with God and society and to amend the damage done with total awareness and never justifiable, they should to pay with their own life, and in that manner cover only part of the damage.”

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