Local January 3, 2012 | 5:21 am

San Cristobal judges face major probe

Santo Domingo.- The Judicial Branch Council sent a team of investigators to the San Cristobal Courthouse just one day after deputy Nelson Guillén questioned the provincial Appellate Court’s sentences.

Meanwhile San Cristobal Appellate Court Penal Chamber presiding judge Altagracia N. Bautista said her rulings are accepted as soon as they are handed down, and any faults attributed to that jurisdiction will be dealt with the corresponding penalties.

Guillén noted that there are many serious judges in that jurisdiction, such as those of the civil area, who in his view work with capacity and honesty.

He said he’ll also meet with Justice minister Radhamés Jiménez to give him the evidence he affirms having on “questionable sentences” with which the San Cristobal Appellate Court is putting criminals back in the street.

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