Local January 5, 2012 | 4:35 am

President to support new chief for corruption-fraught agency

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Municipal League (LMD), whose history fraught with corruption, cronyism and nepotism has made it one of the Government’s most controversial agencies, will have a new director, with the support of president Leonel Fernandez, and the mayors of his ruling PLD party.

PLD General Secretary Reinaldo Pared on Wednesday said Fernandez will head a meeting today to establish the ruling party’s position ahead of the selection, during the assembly of municipalities on January 26.

He said the meeting is slated for 12 noon in the club of the Insurance Superintendence of, in the subdivision Manoguayabo. “The PLD has decided to support the proposal of the reformist (PRSC) party.”

The also National District Senator affirmed that the PLD will support PRSC leader Johnny Jones for the post, and revealed that PRSC president Carlos Morales as well as its Secretary General Ramon Rogelio Genao sent letters confirming Jones as their choice.

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