Local January 7, 2012 | 6:12 am

Police agents seize 47 firearms, arrest 38 people

Santo Domingo.– During the last days of 2011 police agents conducted a raid in some capital’ barrios such as Guachupita, Los Pinos, Gualey, Capotillo, Simon Bolivar, Los Guandules and 24 de Abril, where 45 handguns and two shotguns were seized and 38 people were arrested.

The operation was aimed at fighting crime in these districts. The firearms seized had been reported as stolen by their owners and Police and Armed Forces members who had been assaulted.

National District director, General Neivi Perez Sanchez pointed out that social violence in December 2011 decreased by 35%, dropping from 15 to 23 deaths in the same period of 2010.

According to Perez Sanchez, shootouts between police agents and delinquents declined by 56%; violent injuries also decreased (28%), as well as vehicle thefts (15%).

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