Local January 9, 2012 | 5:02 am

Haiti President thanks Leonel Fernandez for new university

Port-au-Prince.– President Michel Martelly thanked President Leonel Fernandez for the new university the Dominican Government built in Haiti and which will be inaugurated on January 12th.

In a press release, Martelly also congratulated Dominican Ambassador Ruben Silie, and all Haitian and Dominican engineers who worked in the construction of the campus, which is part of Santo Domingo’s package of humanitarian aid provided to Haiti after the 2010 quake.

Last November Martelly visited the higher learning center in Limonade while it was under construction and said it was the result "of good cooperation between the two people and ensures that both countries can do joint works."

The Le Roi Henri Christophe University will open its doors to 10,000 students on the second anniversary of the devastating quake. Fernandez will travel to Haiti to cut the ribbon.

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