Local January 11, 2012 | 11:30 am

Leaders’ tiff pushes top opposition party to the brink

Santo Domingo.- The president of Dominican Republic’s major opposition party will adequately respond “in the next few hours” to presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía’s complaint that he has yet to receive one cent from the PRD for his campaign, and that he’s grown tired of wait for a meeting with him.

The political office of Miguel Vargas made the announcement today, while one of the leaders near Vargas said Mejía’s “broadside” is a way to sidestep his responsibility for his frequent and repeated errors which in their view threaten to derail what had seen as the PRD’s sure win.

Vargas’ close supporters also railed Mejía’s attacks in the Teleantillas TV program as well as those disclosed yesterday by his campaign headquarters, that some of them had sold out to the Government, affirming that they seek only to cover the many errors being committing and which threaten the PRD victory.

The last time the candidate and the PRD president met was in Mejía’s proclamation, and later neither the party anniversary nor of their latest leader Jose Francisco Peña Gomez’s birthdates could bring them together.

Followers of both leaders have tried to secure their meeting, but have elude it as far as it’s known.

Mejía declaration sparks rift

Mejía affirmed Tuesday that he hasn’t received a single penny from the PRD funds for his campaign, and that he has been waiting for a meeting with Vargas 10 months, for which had grown tired. “We signed everything, we made a protocol and it was discussed, it was analyzed. I’m naturally not going sit and wait. I went out to do my campaign, a presidential campaign.”

“I did everything that I had to do, let history judge him. People aren’t stupid to understand that there’s something’s strange about that, as you know and as everybody well knows, everyone must assume their historical responsibility; listen, the good thing in this is that the nation is observing you,” added the PRD candidate yesterday.

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