Local January 14, 2012 | 6:13 am

Former DNCD officers get 13 years for drug trafficking

Santo Domingo.– The National District 2nd Collegiate Court sentenced to 13 years in prison two former members of The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) who were found guilty of belonging to a network that sent cocaine to Puerto Rico.

Those sentenced are former lieutenant colonel from the Dominican Air Force (FAD) Efrén Valera Sosa and former Army first lieutenant, Danilo Alberto Ginebra Simone.

The DNCD yesterday affirmed that two other officers were discharged from the institution, Juan Alberto Smith Peña and Luis Daniel Tavarez Pascual.

They were linked to the 145 kilos of cocaine seized December 2, 2010 in the Las Americas International Airport (AILA), in a plane of the company Air Cargo Carriers, minutes before taking off to Puerto Rico.

The charges against U.S. pilots Kevin Henson Kranz and Chistopher Schmid were overruled. The same benefit received thirteen other officers who were discharged. This continues the tradition of discharging instead of indicting officers accused of helping narcotics traffickers.

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