Local January 24, 2012 | 1:06 pm

Search is on for alleged drug plane crashed in rugged mountains

BARAHONA, Dominican Republic. – Numerous Police agents are combing the rugged mountains around the town of Polo searching for a small plane which according to conflicting reports crashed a few days ago.

Police assigned to the South Region headed by the lieutenant colonel Radhamés Minyetti investigate leads in the zone within the Sierra de Baoruco range, where they were joined in the search by the Drugs Control Agency (DNCD).

Quoting a DNCD source, newspaper El Dia said the aircraft crashed in the hills near Polo, though the Police have yet to report finding any traces, even resorting to the use of mules to expand the search.

The authorities reportedly believe the plane was carrying drugs when it went down in the zone several days ago, when the villagers informed Police.

It’s also been reported that the crew was killed, but no evidence of that has been found thus far.

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