Local January 25, 2012 | 9:27 am

Opposition lawmakers want end to internal standoff

Santo Domingo.- The tense internal conflict in Dominican Republic’s major opposition party resurfaced again Tuesday when nine of its deputies proposed that PRD president Miguel Vargas take a leave of absence and hand over authority to its National Executive Committee.

They want Vargas to hand over plenary powers to PRD presidential candidate Hipólito Mejia’s National Campaign Committee, while PRD president-in-functions Andres Bautista admitted that a date for a meeting between Mejía and Vargas has yet to be set

He said Vargas will remain in a “low profile” of institutional work during the current electoral campaign.

The lawmakers Alexis Jimenez, Pablo Adon, Cristian Encarnación, Elpidio Infante, Evangelina Sosa, Eugenio Cedeño, Juan José Morales, and Bernardo Aleman said their presidential candidate and the PRD president “must have one same speech and actions,” to play a dignified role in the May 20 election.

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