Local January 26, 2012 | 11:19 am

Armando Almanzar wins National Literature Prize

SANTO DOMINGO. – Writer and cinema critic Armando Almanzar is the winner of the National Literature Prize 2012, bestowed by the Corripio Foundation and the Culture Ministry.

Corripio Foundation president Jose Alcántara made the announcement Thursday, and said Almanzar was selected for his prolific career in Literature, of nearly 50 years writing stories and novels.

The prize will be presented in the National Theater on February 8.

Almánzar’s humor is also recognized since it’s a rare element in Dominican Literature, while his use of colloquial and colorful language enchants readers and places them in suspense with his creation of offbeat characters dealing with current events.

Among the most popular works by the writer and journalist, born May 22, 1935, figure Límites (Limits) (1967-1979); Infancia Feliz (Happy childhood) (1978); Cuentos en Cortometraje (Stories in Shorts) (1993), and Marcado por el Mar (Marked by the Sea) (1195).

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