Local February 1, 2012 | 2:31 pm

Nearly half of DT readers see no end to opposition party tiff

Santo Domingo.- Nearly half of DT readers don’t expect the internal conflict between opposition PRD party candidate Hipolito Mejia and the entity’s president Miguel Vargas to end before the May 20 presidential elections, followed closely by nearly as many who said the flap “belongs in the trash.”

When asked “Where will the Mejia-Vargas showdown end up,?” the response “Probably not till the May elections” drew 99 votes, or 45.21%, followed closely by “In the trash, where it belongs,” with 88 votes, or 40.18%.

In third place was the response “They’ll make up soon enough” with 19 votes, or 8.68%, followed by “Who cares, I like the other guys,” with 13 votes, or 5.94% of the readers who took part in DT’s unscientific poll.

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