Local February 7, 2012 | 11:06 am

Local man, woman, face 75 years in prison in IRS tax fraud worth millions

NEW YORK.- Federal authorities have charged a Dominican man and woman of defrauding the IRS out of millions, and face as much as 75 years in prison if found guilty.

Carlos de Leon and Judith Fulgencio, who worked in bank branches of JP Morgan Chase in New York, formed part of international ring which sold documents of Puerto Rican citizens to undocumented immigrants and paid tax returns with checks of US$3 million, said South District Court Federal prosecutors.

Also arrested were Katherine Torres and Rosalind Smith, the first manager and the second an employee in other Chase branches.

The indictments charge the four paid the “fraudulent beneficiaries” knowing full well that they acquired the money from the state and the federal government on the basis of false tax statements and using documents in the name of Puerto Ricans.

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