Local February 13, 2012 | 7:46 am

“Cracking” scandal was a trap, Ambassador in the Vatican says

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Ambassador in the Vatican on Sunday said the alleged “cracking” of the presidential family’s emails is a political case in which the Government fell into a trap and should be handled by mature and experienced people.

Victor Grimaldi said the Administration of the PLD Party has fallen into a trap with the hook in the person of Guillermo Gomez and one of his sons as those behind the alleged campaign of attacks against the First Lady and the President.

“There are scheming hands behind everything: first analyze where Mrs. Margarita Cordero worked in the Administration headed by Hipólito Mejía, who was the first person who made public the alleged emails and private conversations which have been the original stone of the scandal. Secondly, that lady’s links with one of the people related to the decisions taken in the Central Bank to close the (banks) Baninter and Bancredito as part of the crisis in which the private bankers as well as Mejia’s Administration and his officials have great responsibilities,” Grimaldi said in reference to the former senior official of the Dominican Telecom Institute (Indotel) during Mejia’s term in office.

They then also tried to unleash a crisis so that the Banco Popular Dominicano to explode. They couldn’t accomplish because of the healthy conditions of this financial institution, but they were able by means of pressures to dismiss the then chief editor of the newspaper El Caribe because of that newspaper’s relation with the Banco Popular,” the diplomat said.

All these personalities are the ones who move the threads of all these campaigns of rumors and defamations are which have sprung the trap against the PLD and its Administration, and faced with it both will have seek a way to pull out this hook that has stoked a national and international scandal. We aren’t dealing with a simple problem of public order. This is a political problem which must be dealt with political criteria, by people with maturity and experience,” the Dominican ambassador said.

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