Local February 14, 2012 | 10:15 am

Major industries also want aqueduct construction contract probed

Santo Domingo.- The industries and companies of Haina (south) grouped in IEA Haina have joined the country’s business and industrial leaders who’ve asked the Government to investigate the contract with the Spanish company Abi-Karram Morilla Ingenieros Arquitectos, S.A., contracted to build the aqueduct at Peravia (southwest).

IEA Haina president Flavio Rodriguez said the Government must explain why it buys more expensive pipes abroad, and if it doesn’t order the probe it’s because it’s hiding something. “This issue has reached public opinion and if the Government does not investigate it is hiding something. This has to be fully investigated because there’s a precise denunciation by the industrial associations and companies that manufacture those materials in the country.”

He said if PVC pipes and other materials made in the country are bought abroad it jeopardizes employees who work in their manufacture and the Government itself, because it doesn’t collect those taxes. “We agree it’s a topic worth a thorough investigation. Why hasn’t it been investigated still, despite so many denunciations? The Government is the one which should safeguard the interests of us Dominicans, without hurting anybody, because we’re in free trade.”

Last week the Dominican Anticorruption Alliance (Adocco) asked Purchases and Public Contracts director Erick Hazim to probe the construction contract on alleged violation of Law 340-06, on which the official responded be stating his willingness to do so, but no further action has been taken.

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