Local February 14, 2012 | 8:27 am

Not even the US Embassy is spared by email crackers

Santo Domingo.- At the end of last year United States ambassador Raul Yzaguirre was surprised upon learning that a website had published statements which affected the country’s image, reports elcaribe.com.do.

The diplomat allegedly said that “companies of foreign and American capital are mistreated in the country with abusive excesses, taxes and levies,” prompting the US Embassy to send a statement of denial to all media, noting that its supposed official notice was falsely attributed to it and had never been issued.

"The Embassy of the United States did not submit a denunciation before the Dominican authorities,” added press attaché Judith Ravin.

The false press release said “Yzaguirre affirms that he has strictly confidential information on offspring of officials who currently acquire luxury vehicles of the latest model such as Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche and others, by evaluation and extortion of local and international companies by government officials.”

The statement was allegedly signed by Ravin, who according to the news source, met yesterday with the personalities who confirmed receiving the deceptive messages.

The false statement also contained the US Embassy’s exact address and fax and phone numbers.

Prominent journalist

In December a statement supposedly sent from the email m.franjul@ listindiario.com.do, Editor in chief of newspaper Listin Diario Miguel Franjul, said opposition PRD party leader Arsenio Borges called Mariano German’s designation as chief justice of the Supreme Court as unconstitutional.

The statement that Franjul later denied said: “the senior leader of the PRD, says that the decision is an applause of the government line which seeks to benefit an endless number of officials of the current term in office for protection aimed at obtaining judicial decisions, after the specter of financial embezzlements that have taking root in the current administration and economic imbalance fruit of the thefts of State coffers.”

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