Local February 15, 2012 | 8:37 am

Anticorruption files complaint, probe into major aqueduct project imminent

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Anticorruption Alliance (Adocco) yesterday submitted a denunciation and requested a probe on alleged irregularities in the construction of the aqueduct in southern Peravia province, by the Spanish company Acciona Agua.

Adocco coordinator Julio Cesar de la Rosa submitted the denunciation in the Public Purchases and Contracting Office, which notes that the Peravia Aqueduct contract violates Law 340-06 in the “Principle of equality and free competition,” that stipulates the fair participation and respect for all possible tender offers.

It also stipulates that the State will procure the participation of the highest possible number of physical or legal people who have the required competency.

“We consider suspicious the fact that the Aqueducts and Sewage systems Agency (Inapa) insists on acquiring the pipes in China, when the same are produced in the Dominican Republic, with the characteristics and quality required for the project and can be obtained at lower prices and better quality, although the contract signed with the Dominican State allows for these types of pipes to be acquired locally,” says the letter accompanying the denunciation,” cited by newspaper Hoy.

Willing to investigate

Public Purchases and Contracting Office director Erick Hazim stated his willingness to investigate the contract, affirming that the Law stipulates that in order to launch a probe a formal denunciation is required.

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