Local February 15, 2012 | 7:47 am

Prosecution wants 30 years in prison for Puerto Rican kingpin’s killing machine

Santo Domingo. – The Prosecution yesterday asked a National District court to send six of the alleged hired killers of Puerto Rican kingpin Jose Figueroa Agosto’s money laundering network to spend 30 years in prison, and 20 years for three others.

The National District Office of the Prosecutor requested 30 year jail terms for Gian Enrique Rojas, Winston Antonio Rodríguez, José Miguel Rodríguez, Ricardo Pérez Mateo, José Anibal Hidalgo and Wilhen Ortiz de los Santos, and 20 years for Diómedes Moya Duran, Jose Alberto de la Cruz and Joel Antonio Feliz.

Lead prosecutor Isidro Vásquez said the defendants were part of a conspiracy that conducted contract killings, carries possessed illegal weapons among other felonies.

He motioned for 4th Collegiate Court judges Pilar Rufino, Daniel Nolasco and Daira Medina to order the nine to serve their sentence in different jails around the country, in convicted of murdering five people, including Police colonel Jose Amado Gonzalez and restaurateur Ruben Soto Hayet.

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