Local February 20, 2012 | 4:28 pm

Denial and revelations in First Lady’s email cracking scandal

SANTO DOMINGO. – The president of the technology company Novosit Monday denied it send an email which affirms that the Popular bank funds the campaign of the first lady Margarita Cedeño.

Francis Reyes, quoted by news source diariolibre.com, also denied that the IP address of ruling PLD party senior leader Danilo Diaz had came from his company, as en email published by news source ElSiglo21.com, which had been searched by the authorities.

Reyes, in the offices of Diario Libre newspaper, looked up the address IP, indicated by the ElSiglo21.com editor in chief as origin of the mail, but turned out to be the PLD party’s National Electoral Offices.

His only link with that IP, Reyes said, is that he used his Novosit email when he bought that address for the party to which belongs. He said neither he nor his personnel has access to neither the PLD server nor its IP address.

His company’s server – Reyes affirms- is in Germany, not in Canada, as that which lodges the IP, which also hosts what ElSiglo21.com editor in chief Radhames Gomez Sanchez presented this morning as the origin of the mail with the title "Leonel, Margarita and the Popular Bank."

He said it’s illogical for someone from the PLD to send an email to the media for the purpose of harming Cedeño’s candidacy. “It could be done by anyone from cybercafé,” he said, and denied Diaz is an executive of that company.

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