Local February 21, 2012 | 8:57 am

Hacking unleashed First Lady’s email cracking scandal

Santo Domingo.- Ruling PLD party electoral director Danilo Diaz on Monday affirmed that the IP address cited by the editor in chief of the online newspaper elsiglo21.com belongs to the PLD, which was “hacked” for several days, and is the target of a Justice Ministry investigation.

In a press conference in PLD National Headquarters Diaz said the statements by the head of the online newspaper, Radhamés Gomez Sanchez, are based “on two lies that are very easy to demonstrate.”

He said the company Novosit cited in the denunciations by the head of elsiglo21.com isn’t the owner of the IP, and belongs to the PLD instead, for which he rejected that he forms part of that company.

Diaz said over the IP “it has been established that there were unauthorized incursions or hacking of our server, it’s the target of a wide investigation by the Justice Ministry for several days, to establish responsibilities.”

The senior PLD leader said as can be verified, the PLD has been another victim of infamy and hacking “and has been wanted to show the party as the author behdind the vile tricks they denounce.”

He said though the server with the names of its registered voters was hacked, the intrusion didn’t affect its data base. “The same was not touched, that’s to say, that part wasn’t affected, but there were incursions,” reiterating that the probe will establish the intent.

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