Local February 22, 2012 | 9:41 am

Local media is plural, increasingly democratized, baron says

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s mass media is plural and increasingly democratized, said Corripio Group vice president Manuel Corripio, in a debate promoted by the UNESCO Communications Chair, the Pontifical Catholic University PUCMM and the World Bank.

In the panel “The mass media beyond the private and state concentration” also participated acento.com.do Editor in chief Fausto Rosario, World Bank Foreign Relations manager for Latin America and the Caribbean Sergio Jellinek, and Spain Telecoms Market advisor Angel Garcia Castillejo,

They agreed that there’s a concentration of media in the country and that the written press needs to be re-launch given the advance of online media.

Corripio said it’s up to the media to define what consolidation means, whether it’s the possession of one or several mediums. “It would seem that it’s the number of media that determines that.”

“Nonetheless I ask myself the following question: What’s better, an absolute medium that captures the entire audience and reaches 50 or 60% of the audience, or owning five, six, seven media?”

The media baron said that current “Satanizes the ownership of several mediums,” for which the perspective on media concentration should depend more on the audience than on the property of mediums.

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