Local February 24, 2012 | 9:29 am

Ex Chief Justice pledged to keep Supreme secret

Santo Domingo. – Former Supreme Court (SCJ) Chief Justice Jorge Subero Thursday revealed he swore not to divulge why the National Magistrate Council (CNM) dismissed four justices, despite being eligible to remain retain their benches on age.

On Twitter, Subero responds to Olivo Rodriguez, attorney for ex justice Julio Aníbal Suarez, who together with accused him and now Justice Victor Jose Castellanos of keeping silence as to why he wasn’t confirmed on his bench on alleged lack of independence.

Subero said he doesn’t know the word cowardice and reiterated that he didnot sign the CNM affidavit 24, in reference to the document which contains Suarez’s dismissal.

He said Suárez “is the country’s most complete labor attorney,” and opinion the ex Chief Justice affirms he has stated previously.

Subero added that while he presided over the SCJ alone, others were the ones to enjoy the benefits of power. “Olivo, I don’t know the word cowardice. I know the word pledged. While I presided over the Judicial Power alone, others enjoyed its honeys.”

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