Local February 24, 2012 | 8:04 am

Past corruption confronts the latest Government scaldal

Santo Domingo. – Ex president Hipólito Mejía, whose Administration was fraught with major acts of corruption in the military ranks, Thursday vowed to divulge “precise” data if within 15 days president Leonel Fernandez fails to provide details of the allegedly canceled U.S. visas of four generals close to the chief executive

“If he (Fernandez), doesn’t do it in 15 days, I’m going to give exact data which I know of. It’s clear that he has one hot potato there, he should explains if it’s true or a lie,” the also presidential candidate of the opposition PRD party said, talking to reporters in Santiago,

The presidential candidate’s statements comes in the wake of years of speculation that the U.S. has canceled the visas of senior military and government officials, as well as prominent politicians and business leaders.

Mejía, when asked about the proposal of the ruling PLD party to sign an agreement that bans the “dirty” campaign, the ex president said he’s not going to be part of the “nonsense” of signing “pacts.”

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