Local February 27, 2012 | 9:30 am

Battle for Santo Domingo and the end of 22 years of occupation

Santo Domingo.- Today Monday, the country’s 168th Independence Day since February 27, 1844, marks the valor of the group of men and women inspired by the ideals of liberation decided to definitively severe it from the 22 years during which the Dominicans had been under Haitian domination since 1822.

The Island of Hispaniola had been under the Haitian domination during 22 years and on that February 27, 1844, the rebels’ attack against the Haitian positions in Santo Domingo was headed by Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, in the absence of the cause’s leader Juan Pablo Duarte.

Duarte had asked his brother Vicente Celestino, to support the rebels, who managed to take Ozama Fort, in Santo Domingo, marking the start of the Haitian retreat, leading to the end of the occupation two months later.

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