Local February 28, 2012 | 3:11 pm

Consumer Rights warns judges about propane stations caught cheating

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Consumer Rights Agency (ProConsumidor) on Tuesday warned judges that propane gas stations which systematically violate the Law try to use legal chicanery to evade paying the levied fines against them.

The warning comes in the heels of a challenge filed by the station ONE in the Superior Arbitration Court against the Resolution to fine it 100 minimum wages (RD$511,750) for fraud against consumers.

The propane gas station, located on the San Juan de la Maguana-Las Matas de Farfan highway was charged with fraud on December 6 when Agency technicians verified that their meters on the pumps had been altered.

Also charged with fraud have been the stations Lusergas Galan, Credigas, Asogas and Supligas, all fined RD$511,750 each.

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