Local February 28, 2012 | 12:35 pm

Mogul warns talk should lead to action for economic stability

Santo Domingo.- The mogul Jose Luis Corripio lauded the sensation of economic stability in the country, even if it’s the result of loans and other income from abroad, which if it continues, the nation would “ford the crisis” with relative ease, but cautioned that talk should become action.

He noted however that the economy’s reactivation doesn’t depend only on the Government, but also the private sector, which in his view must invest and create sources of jobs.

The business leader regrets that the governments have abandoned the small and medium companies despite providing the highest number of jobs to revitalize the country and the economy.

Referring to Central Bank figures, Corripio said the Dominican Republic hasn’t felt the economic crisis as in other nations.

As to the electricity problem, the retail and banking mogul doubts it could be solved by 2012 as stated by the State-owned Power Companies (CDEEE) recently, noting that there’ have been many factors against it, citing the contracts signed years ago which he called “very onerous” for the economy and the light bill.

On president Leonel Fernandez’s speech before Congress, Corripio said though verbal expositions can be positive, how they are implemented has yet to be seen, noting that “there’s a difference between rhetoric and results.”

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