Local February 29, 2012 | 11:02 am

First Lady’s accuser relentless

Santiago.- The lawyer Marcos Martinez Wednesday warned he’ll stand by his denouncement on the First Lady Margarita Cedeño’s alleged 76 million euro in a Danish bank account, noting that the lawyer Jose Minier himself believes his statement that it was a commission of the opposition PRD party which gave him the documents.

“Not even Minier himself believes that and someone who retracts is a coward and I’m not, if he wants to know if I’m brave let him call me out to Columbus park to a duel with swords, arrows or axes, with knives or razors,” said Martinez sarcastically.

He said Minier has served only as clown of the ruling PLD party. “If I have a complaint I do so with the circus’ owner, not with the clown”

He accused Minier of being a pathological liar. “What happens is that I said I was going to show new documents on Margarita’s account, then they flung that to ease its impact.”

Minier affirmed Tuesday that Martinez had told him that it was an unnamed commission of PRD leaders which gave him the documents on the alleged bank account if the ruling party’s vice presidential candidate.

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