Local March 7, 2012 | 12:44 pm

Dominican Republic joins U.S.-Central America anticrime pact

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras. – Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales on Tuesday announced that Dominican Republic will enter into the Framework Treaty on Democratic Security in Central America, to confront local organized and transnational crime.

The regional pact forces member countries to prevent and fight terrorism, sabotage, organized crime, the illegal traffic of military and personal weapons, as well as other international crimes. They must also cooperate and exchange information to prevent at all costs, within their territory, the planning and preparation of criminal activities.

Morales provided the information during the luncheon for the Government and Heads of State from countries of the Central American Integration System, held in the Honduras presidential palace, with United States vice president Joseph Biden.

"For the Dominican Republic, common crime and organized transnational crime have become a problem which has overflowed beyond our capacity to act, product the limited funds which we count on to fight them efficiently," the official said.

Morales added that for Dominican Republic the best way to fight those crimes is by taking concrete actions that provide effective security for all, with freedom, fairness and respect of individual rights.

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