Local March 8, 2012 | 8:12 am

Veteran politico stokes opposition party’s woes

Santo Domingo. – For more than two hours minor opposition PRSD party president Hatuey De Camps met Wednesday with 55 of the major opposition PRD’s 75 lawmakers, aimed at mulling campaign strategy and trying to solve of its internal differences.

But De Camp’s sudden resurgence as a PRD powerbroker disgruntled the deputies of the faction headed by PRD president Miguel Vargas, who affirm “that takes the organization’s internal division to Congress.”

The deputy Rafael Vasquez (Fiquito) said institutional channels have to be respected because the deputies are a parliamentary fraction, not an appendix of campaign headquarters, and that the PRD lawmakers had to be convened by people within the party.

“Hatuey is not of the PRD, but its campaign chief,” he said, noting that the attitude harms the campaign and the party.

But De Camps says he guarantees the deputies “a share of power” in the government for depending on their efforts and results of their work in the campaign.

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