Local March 12, 2012 | 12:20 pm

Software companies file charges in war on piracy

Santo Domingo.- Dominican software companies have filed five judicial complaints against piracy just in the first months this year, on the alleged use of illegal programs in more than 150 computers, leading to millions of pesos in losses.

Six other formal denunciations have been lodged against user companies which sell and service computers, with pre-installed illegal software.

Microsoft Intellectual Property director Max Orellana said they seek an end to software piracy through cooperation and innovation, for his company collaborates with the authorities to fight copyright violations.

“This is an example of Dominican Republic’s commitment to protect the author’s rights, since piracy is a very serious problem which leads to lost jobs, hinders company productivity, and higher costs to repair possible damages in data bases,| the executive said.

Orellana added that bootleg programs also lowers government revenue and jeopardizes the generation of innovation of software development companies.

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