Local March 28, 2012 | 3:42 pm

Top traffic cop “asks” truckers to respect the Law

Santo Domingo.- Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) director Jose Aníbal Sanz fervently “asked” bus and truck drivers to remain on the right lane on divided highways, as the law stipulates.

With his request for compliance the country’s top traffic comes joins the ranks of many government officials who despite that their duty is to enforce the law, make “requests” and “calls” to people and groups whose unpunished criminal behavior has earned them the name of “the country’s owners.”

Sanz also “urged” motorists to abstain from mounting passengers in the beds of pickup trucks, which is also unlawful.

He said AMET agents and vehicles will be patrolling all streets and highways to prevent traffic accidents, as part of “Operation Easter 2012" headed by the Emergency Operations Center (COE).

AMET doctors, paramedics and staff will also join the patrols, which will include tow trucks and ambulances.

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