Local March 30, 2012 | 7:38 am

UN: Dominican Government must put an end to police brutality

United Nations.- The UN Human Rights Committee yesterday asked the Dominican Government to put an end to police brutality, particularly in the country’s jails, as well as the discrimination it affirms Haitian immigrants and their descendants are subjected to.

“Police brutality is reason for concern and we recommend to Dominican authorities as a priority, to reform its police force, in the matter of training and wages also, and to safeguard so that abuses don’t occur,”, said Swedish jurist Krister Thelin, who read the latest report in that UN forum.

The Committee’s report on the Caribbean urges the authorities to continue the efforts “to eliminate police brutality and the excessive use of force by the agents” and a reform that assures “professional quality training that integrates the total respect for human rights” and “adequate work and wage conditions,” and “permanent control mechanisms to stimulate absolute respect for human rights.”

The UN also urges the Dominican Government to create “an independent and impartial mechanism to immediately investigate all the cases of brutality or excessive use of force on the part of police agents, particularly in the jails.”. it Also asks to authorities to assure that the investigation is carried out systematically in all the cases of police brutality in which the victim doesn’t file a complaint.

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