Local April 12, 2012 | 10:37 am

Owners of forests get RD$587.1M to protect biggest river basin

Santiago. – The North Yaque River Basin Hydro Regulation Environmental Services Payment Project disbursed RD$395.7 million to 10 new beneficiaries of the program, whose properties are located in the basins of the tributaries El Cercado, Los Dajaos and Arroyo Grande, near the city of Jarabacoa.

Environment minister Ernesto Reyna headed the activity in which also disbursed was a second payment of RD$191.4 million to the project’s previous beneficiaries, as stipulated in an agreement between Environment, the State-owned utilities hydroelectric dams (EGEHID), and the Santiago aqueduct (CORAASAN), with the technical support of Germany’s International Cooperation Agency (GZT).

The project aims to protect the tributaries within the North Yaque’s basin, including reforestation, management and payment to land owners where they are located.

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