Local April 13, 2012 | 10:14 am

Jailed financier refused release on alleged ills

Washington.- The Inter-American Human rights Commission (CIDH) refused to sustain a waiver issued to the financer Luis Alvarez Renta, convicted for money laundering in the United States and Dominican Republic.

CIDH Secretary Santiago A. Canton notified the decision to the Dominican Government and revealed that the entity considers the case closed.

It’s the second time the CIDH issues an opinion against Alvarez Renta’s request for release form Najayo Prison on health issues including seeking treatment for alleged back pains.

“We’ve demonstrated to the CIDH that it was deceived, when it was told that Alvarez Renta was on the verge of being paraplegic, quadriplegic and on the brink of death,” said Ricardo Rojas Leon, one of the Government’s attorneys.

Rojas said the Government submitted evidence to the CIDH which prove that Alvarez Renta “is neither terminally ill nor runs the risk of becoming quadriplegic or paraplegic,” citing among them testimony by the prominent neurosurgeon Jose Joaquin Puello Herrera.

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